Our mission is to save lives through education about the prevention
and early detection of skin cancer, especially melanoma.

The Foundation’s vision is “to educate children throughout the country and give them
the skills necessary to make healthy sun safety choices throughout their lives.”
As the Foundation grows we will continue to advocate for school districts throughout
the country to require sun safety education as part of their curriculum.

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Our largest fundraiser of the year is on February 6th at The Breakers.

At this time, we are reaching out to see If anyone has a service or tangible item that they wish to donate, and help us succeed at our silent auction. Please contact the Foundation. 561-655-9655 or Your donation will help us to fulfill our... read more

A breakthrough in which melanoma becomes nonthreatening and curable?

Read how a new discovery at Tel Aviv University can be the new step on the road to a full remedy! The breakthrough, just published as the lead article in the journal Nature Cell Biology, has raised hope that it will lead to the cancer becoming “nonthreatening and... read more

“There is no such thing as a healthy tan!”

Every time your skin gets darker and darker, it’s really saying, “Ouch, you are hurting me”. The darker pigment that you see on the surface of the skin, is really your skin’s way of protecting itself. “Love the Skin You’re In”, and opt out, next time you plan to get... read more

Protection and Early Detection is the key to melanoma survival.

When you have a late detected melanoma, the survival rate is less than 15%. The good news…an early detected melanoma is almost 100% curable. Here’s an app that many of you might want to use as a guideline, however, if you have a spot on your skin that changes in any... read more

The SunSmart America™ K-12 Curriculum and Resources help promote sun safety education, prevention and early detection of skin cancer.

SunSmart America™ Resources

SunSmart America™ Resources

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SunSmart America™ Training

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SunSmart America™ Schools

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Palm Beach County Teachers

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SunSmart America
SunSmart America
SunSmart America

Contact the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation

The Melanoma Foundation is one of the first organizations in the country that has been on the cutting edge of skin cancer preventive education and the only organization in Florida. After extensive review of health education literature, the Foundation selected the successful SunSmart curricula from Australia on which to base its many programs and adapt to local educational standards and environment. The Foundation utilizes SunSmart America™ for grades K-12.

Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation
v: 561-655-9655 | f: 561-655-9650
2751 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 2A, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

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