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Our mission is to save lives through education about the prevention
and early detection of skin cancer, especially melanoma.

The Foundation’s vision is “to educate children throughout the country and give them
the skills necessary to make healthy sun safety choices throughout their lives.”
As the Foundation grows we will continue to advocate for school districts throughout
the country to require sun safety education as part of their curriculum.

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Thank you for considering a donation to the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation. Whether you are looking to make the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation a part of your future giving plans, or just considering a one-time donation, your support makes a difference!

How is your donation appropriated?

As Executive Director of Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation, I would like to thank all previous donors for their support, and to those of you who are new to our site, I urge you to read on to see how you may help us further our mission.

One person dies from melanoma every fifty minutes, one out of every fifty people will be at risk to develop melanoma, and Florida is the state with the second highest incidence of melanoma in the country. Melanoma is the only cancer with an increasing death rate each year, while all others are decreasing. The Foundation exists so we can significantly reduce the numbers of people who die from a disease that is almost 100% preventable if we educate our community.

Your tax deductible contribution is appropriated in the following ways, through a variety of our unique educational programs that the Foundation has implemented since its inception.

SunSmart America™ curriculum in schools, the only curriculum that educates students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Foundation has trained students, teachers, school nurses, parents and school administrators nationwide, thus facilitating the development of new sun safety programs and resources. Which are benchmarked to meet Sun Shine State FCAT standards, we have gained the support of the school Superintendents, their teaching body and staff.

SAM, (Students Against Melanoma), is the Foundation’s peer-based club in middle and high schools, started in 2007, this unique opportunity for students, helped us to win one of our thirteen AAD Gold Triangle Awards in 2010. This is a critical time when the acquired knowledge of students will help them create good habits that will serve them throughout their adult lives. In a recent discussion with Alan C. Gellar, MPH, RN, Deputy Director of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Mr. Gellar states that the repetition of information through high school, and even college, is key when trying to create new mindsets for students, especially when done in a peer club setting. SAM has become this powerful tool.

All middle and high schools should have a SAM Club. Our model allows students to receive community service hours. Clubs meet as often as they wish, but at least once a month they gather to create events for their school, and to partner with the Foundation, in honor of Melanoma Awareness Month in May. SAM members attend community events, carrying forth our Foundation’s mission, as well as being ambassadors of good health and sun safe information.

Finally, our Melanoma Monday Art Contest in Schools K-12, celebrated throughout the county, in honor of May being recognized as melanoma awareness month. We have been implementing this program since 2001, with first place awards as great as Sun Shades for schools and other prizes. The event culminates in a well-attended award Ceremony, filled with fun and awareness. With time, and funding, we will make this a statewide program to benefit all Florida youths.

Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation hopes that you will lend support and be a partner in solving a shared problem, so we can continue to be the driving force in the community; educating children and their families about the prevention and early detection of skin cancer, especially melanoma, its deadliest form.

Let’s make Florida’s Sun Shine State, the “Sun Safe” State!

In good health,
Stacy Ostrau, Executive Director

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The SunSmart America™ K-12 Curriculum and Resources help promote sun safety education, prevention and early detection of skin cancer.

SunSmart America™ Resources

SunSmart America™ Resources

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SunSmart America
SunSmart America
SunSmart America

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The Melanoma Foundation is one of the first organizations in the country that has been on the cutting edge of skin cancer preventive education and the only organization in Florida. After extensive review of health education literature, the Foundation selected the successful SunSmart curricula from Australia on which to base its many programs and adapt to local educational standards and environment. The Foundation utilizes SunSmart America™ for grades K-12.

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