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Our mission is to save lives through education about the prevention
and early detection of skin cancer, especially melanoma.

The Foundation’s vision is “to educate children throughout the country and give them
the skills necessary to make healthy sun safety choices throughout their lives.”
As the Foundation grows we will continue to advocate for school districts throughout
the country to require sun safety education as part of their curriculum.

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How to Start a SAM Club at Your School


  • Register on the melanoma foundation website at the Students Against Melanoma (SAM) page. This will enable you to access the SunSmart America™ and SAM resources
  • Review the information about the SAM program
  • Talk with your principal or school administrator about starting a SAM club
  • Review & fax your SAM club school membership form to 561-655-9650 attn: SAM club
  • Designate a sponsoring teacher to oversee student meetings and projects
  • Identify students who would be interested in participating in the SAM club
  • Schedule your first SAM club meeting (during student lunch or after school)
  • Discuss sun safety activities and projects that the students would like to plan to educate their peers about sun safety
  • Discuss a special event for melanoma Monday—the national day of skin cancer awareness (the first Monday in the month of May)
  • Schedule monthly meetings throughout the school year
  • Contact the RDK Melanoma Foundation (561-655-9655) to request skin cancer educational brochures, sunscreen or any other sun safety items

Register to Start a SAM Club at Your School
Click Here.

SUNNYClick Here to Access SAM Club Resources

Once you register at the SAM Club resource hub you will have access to the following SAM Tool Box materials.
SAM Logos, Badges, Labels, Many PowerPoints™, Sign-Up Forms, SunSmart Brochures™, Frequently Asked Questions, Many Projects, Calendars, SAM Club Responsibilities, Student Pledges and Tanning Pledges.

Everything you will need all year long to promote your SAM club at an event or at your school.

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Current Events

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RDK – Lilly Pulitzer

RDK – Lilly Pulitzer

May 14th, 12pm-4pm 10% giveback event from TWO Lilly Pulitzer Locations! Worth Avenue & Palm Beach Gardens. 10% of sales in this time frame, will go to support the RDK Melanoma Foundation. The New Summer Collection will be available.

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The SunSmart America™ K-12 Curriculum and Resources help promote sun safety education, prevention and early detection of skin cancer.

SunSmart America™ Resources

SunSmart America™ Resources

For more information click on the image above or click here >

SunSmart America™ Training

For more information click on the image above or click here >

SunSmart America™ Schools

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Palm Beach County Teachers

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SunSmart America
SunSmart America
SunSmart America

Contact the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation

The Melanoma Foundation is one of the first organizations in the country that has been on the cutting edge of skin cancer preventive education and the only organization in Florida. After extensive review of health education literature, the Foundation selected the successful SunSmart curricula from Australia on which to base its many programs and adapt to local educational standards and environment. The Foundation utilizes SunSmart America™ for grades K-12.

Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation
v: 561-655-9655 | f: 561-655-9650
2751 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 2A, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

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