There are several smartphone apps that claim to be able to analyze photos of moles and determine if there are irregularities that need the attention of a dermatologist. However, one should not rely on an app to diagnose skin problems. According to Diane Berson, a dermatologist practicing in New York City and a spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology, “I would not want patients to think that using an app is a replacement for a visit to a dermatologist.”

“A number of smartphone apps including Miiskin, UMSkinCheck, Mole Detective, MoleScope and SkinVision are designed to look at a person’s skin and tell them if they’re likely to have cancer.” One of the benefits of using these apps is the awareness that it raises as it relates to sun safety and the importance of skin examinations. “Some professionals say skin cancer apps could save lives by encouraging more people to seek a second opinion about abnormalities they discover.”

More information about the smart phone applications can  be found here: Deseret New

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