President and Founder, Debbie Schwarzberg, created the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation in memory of her brother, Dicky Kann, that passed away far too young from a late detected melanoma. Debbie devoted much of the rest of her life to the mission of saving lives through education about the prevention and early detection of skin cancer, specifically melanoma. More than 27 years later, RDK is accomplishing this mission through several nationwide programs.

The RDK Melanoma Foundation is based out of West Palm Beach, FL, near where Mike Schmidt spends some of his time throughout the year. After being diagnosed with melanoma nearly 10 years ago, Mike was introduced to the organization through his oncologist. Passionate about educating others on how to prevent this terrible disease, Mike decided to join the board of directors and take a more hands on approach in helping with this lifesaving cause. Quickly he found a way to spread the RDK sun safe message and programing with the community he called home for his 20 year MLB career: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Now, Mike Schmidt leads a dedicated team of sponsors and partners in the city to make sure everyone is informed and protected – The Mike Schmidt Skin Cancer Prevention Initiative, a division of the RDK Melanoma Foundation.

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