Colleen Quinn-Maxwell, this week’s sunny #TeacherTuesday, teaches health and physical education to ninth through twelfth graders at Lower Moreland High School. She turned her lessons into action by obtaining donor funding through the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation to obtain three sunscreen dispensers for the district’s campuses and started a Students Against Melanoma Club, becoming the first school district in Pennsylvania to offer these dispensers and be recognized as a Sun Safety SunSmart School District.

Says Colleen, “I receive an incredible amount of pride from teaching. I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was a Certified Athletic Trainer and loved helping my athletes learn more about how they could get better following an injury and teaching my student athletic trainers about the fields of health, medicine and physical education.” And she adds, “Fulfilling my dream to help others through so many outlets in my day as a high school health and physical education teacher brings me a complete sense of worth that I am creating a positive extension of my knowledge to my students and school community.”

Tell us what other educators make a constructive difference for their students and we’ll feature them in an upcoming #TeacherTuesday profile.

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The Richard David Kann (RDK) Melanoma Foundation has been working locally and nationally for over 20 years to educate students grades K-12 on the importance of sunsafe behavior and raise awareness about the life-saving techniques for early detection of skin cancer, especially melanoma, its deadliest form. Their newest initiative the “RAY™” Project, involves the distribution of sunscreen dispensers in parks, beaches, schools, and outdoor areas, where sun exposure is excessive. The unique Students Against Melanoma (SAM) Clubs in middle and high school, and the SunSmart America™ curricula, programs, and resources, have educated hundreds of thousands of students, families and communities on sun safety behaviors and techniques for prevention and early detection of skin cancer. Deborah Kann Schwarzberg is Founder and President of the RDK Melanoma Foundation. To learn more visit or call 561-655-9655.

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