Dear Parents and Teachers,

Thank you for taking interest into learning more about sun safety and how you might be able to share life saving information with the students and families of your school! Please feel free to visit our homepage at to find out more about our mission to save lives through education about the prevention and early detection of skin cancer, specifically melanoma.

Completing this form will let us know that you are interested in gaining access to our “Middle School Sun Safety Tool Kit” and receiving email updates on new learning resources and programs that are exclusive to our Florida PTA partners. After filling out, you will be contacted by our Education Coordinator to begin the steps necessary to make your school sun safe! One of our programs includes fundraising activities for each school to raise money for a sunscreen dispenser(s) on campus, giving students the students protection from harmful UV rays while playing outside during recess or sporting events and practices. We appreciate you joining the RDK Melanoma Foundation’s efforts to save the lives of many students and their families from the all-too-common reality of skin cancer.