When people think about skin cancer, they usually jump straight to melanoma because it is the most deadly and most discussed. But other more common forms, Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinoma, although not often deadly, should not be overlooked. A mother in California, Kari Cummins, posted photos from her bout with Squamous Cell Carcinoma from back in 2015. She posted the photo for skin cancer awareness month in order to show people the reality of what skin cancers can do.

She originally believed that the small bump on her chin was a forming zit due to pregnancy hormones but once it started to change shape, she knew it could be something much more dangerous. Having had experience with Basal Cell Carcinoma the year prior, Kari went to the dermatologist and received an official diagnosis. Since then she has had the cancer removed and healed wonderfully. Kari made the post as a reminder to never ignore what your skin is trying to tell you and we encourage her message.

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