Dr. Michael Kolodney has developed a new Smartphone app that teaches medical students how to identify potentially deadly skin lesions. “Melanoma is easily curable if recognized early,” says Michael S. Kolodney, MD, PhD. “Dermatologists are good at spotting melanomas because they develop an innate sense of how they appear after examining thousands of malignant and benign lesions.

Kolodney’s app simulates the same type of training that dermatologists receive. “Our application, called Skinder, teaches intuitive visual diagnosis of melanoma by quickly presenting learners with thousands of benign and malignant skin lesions. Users make rapid binary decisions by swiping right for benign or left for malignant, and then receive instant feedback on accuracy. With this application, learners can amass a mental repository of diagnostic experience in a short amount of time.”

Future investigations will extend the example size of the present examination and test whether the application is valuable to doctors and medical caretakers and maybe to patients who are in danger for melanoma.

Read more at : Physicians Weekly

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