Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners (PBCBCC)
Proclaims RDKMF Melanoma Monday!

We thank Commissioner Burdick for recognizing the work of the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation, and proclaiming May 9th, as Melanoma Monday in Palm Beach County.

Dennis-KoehlerThe ceremony took place this morning, May 3rd, at the Government Center in West Palm Beach.

The proclamation was read in its entirety, and received by the Foundation’s Past Executive Director, Lisa Richman, (Current Executive Director Stacy Ostrau) who thanked the PBCBC…C for helping RDK to fulfill its mission. Mrs. Richman requested that the photo which was to be taken include Recreation Director Eric Call and staff that was present, for “we could not do this without other engaged leaders, who are interested in making our county healthier”, said Mrs. Richman.

Just when all parties were to leave the stage, one of the Commissioners took that moment to speak candidly about how melanoma was personal at the County Commiss, recounting how former Commissioner Dennis P. Koehler passed away from melanoma, and how we must be diligent when it comes to prevention and early detection.