Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady released his first book last week titled The TB12 Method. This book contains all the fitness regimes and health plans that Brady personally uses, and what he believes were the keys to making him a success. He claims that any athlete who reads this book and follows his plans can achieve their peak performance. It is great to see an athlete who is so accomplished trying to inspire and encourage others that they can be their best too, we just have a one issue with his method. In the book, Brady states that he no longer gets sunburns after all the hours spent outside practicing, which he claims is due to the 2.5 gallons of water he drinks a day. Unfortunately, science does not agree with that theory. Sun damage and sunburns are caused by UV light reaching your skin and CANNOT be prevented by drinking over three times the recommended daily intake. In fact, the only reason Brady is able to drink so much in a day is because as an athlete he needs to over-hydrate, and it would be unhealthy for any non-athlete to do so. We assume that Brady does use SPF while training if he is indeed avoiding getting burnt, and we hope that he and all his readers continue to stay covered and Sun Smart!


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